The Tenebrous Veil

The Zenith Passage

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Indeterminate factuality
Abound beyond fringes of
Neurological, technological attunement, complete fulfillment
A tenebrous veil to the unawakened consciousness
Incarceration within physiological process and function
Perspective shackled to the hull of a conscious vessel
Meta ethereal awareness, beckoning the waking form
To be exonerated from the bladed fetters of corporeal subjugation
Reveries of Identity, a dream state entity
The precipice of finity
Insistent guidance of incognizance
Insurmountable obscurity
Illusory perception dominance
Invariable, extortionate, unilaterally tyrannical
Imprisonment of incomprehensible predicament
A state of delusive contentment
Forever barred by indelible failings of existence
From the gulfs of (an) apocryphal forge of sentience
Reliance of awaking the fiction of reality

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